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1942 Navy Balsa Life Float/Raft

Little info:
When do you ever see one these, let alone completely intact. It is made of a balsa wood ring wraped in canvas that was painted navy grey. The canvas has really only two small holes and some of the tie off ropes have broken but only a few. The brass plate has the US Navy inspection stamping. The wood foor is solid but could use a treatment to preserve it, and the netting which suspends the wood floor is intact and strong. I'll find room to display it. I found a WWII pic of a couple stacked on a ship and read an excerpt from a story of a PT boat shipwreck survivor who spoke of "clinging to that balsa life raft". If anyone has a picture of one being used by shipwreck survivors.
Some reference:
I do hightpoly model but i doing in 2015 year
I have low poly too but maybe posted later
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